Debt Collection Services that you may get your money quickly!

Your client does not want to pay? We are going to help you!

Spare yourself the stress, your time and moreover your money and get in contact with Creditreform at an early stage. In the past few years we have been able to complete the majority of our assignments out-of-court. This success is due mostly to our long standing experience in accounts receivable management. During years we have been able to acquire industrial and legal knowledge in this field like no other. Even when your defaulting customer is hundreds of miles away, we will help you to get your money as soon as possible.

Without exception, we will handle your debt collection proceedings individually. Our staff possesses the necessary knowledge and psychological skills, which are extremely important in professional interaction with debtors.

  • Amiable debt collection

    Amiable debt collection

    The aim of commercial dunning is clear: to get hold of the money you are owed without going to court.

    Our debt collection specialists are always fair in relations with your debtor. And they treat every case on its merits rather than as just routine. Their approach is also aligned to your customer's financial situation, which are fully part of our business information data-base.

    The amicable debt collection (pre-court) is a key element of the debt recovery process. At this stage the most important aspect is the direct contact and persuading the debtor to repay the debt or to conclude a suitable settlement agreement.

    Conducting activities at an early stage of the debt incurring and a strong emphasis on negotiations with debtors allows recovering a whole debt or a large part of it without referring the matter to court.

  • Legal Collection

    Legal Collection

    After the initial analyze, if we consider that the amiable way will not bring any results, we recommend to our customer to go on the legal way. Before starting the suing procedures, Creditreform will supply to its customer an evaluation of the costs involved by the legal way. If the clients would like to go directly in court, using the legal service offer by Creditreform, our specialists will send you the legal offer for the files you requested.

  • Which debts are recoverable?

    Which debts are recoverable?

    The collection cases are accepted only after a detailed analyze of the debtor company is performed in order to see if the debtor company still exists and which are the real recovery possibilities on amiable way. For the Romanian debtor companies this analyze is performed free of charge by Creditreform Moldova.

  • International Collection

    International Collection

    Creditreform is the best professional partner for debt collection cases abroad. We work with a worldwide network of Creditreform business partners and lawyers who are specialized in debt collection of their country.

  • Sending on-line your debt collection requests

    Sending on-line your debt collection requests

    You may send us your requirements for collection online and, at the same time, you may have a look into the current state of your proceeding!

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