solvency & risk assessment

With our exclusive business information, you have the opportunity to correctly assess your customers and weigh up business risks and opportunities - nationally and internationally.

Let us check your customers and business partners

Do you know exactly what the economic situation of your business partners and customers is? Are you perhaps looking for solutions that put your business decisions on a secure footing? With our exclusive Commercial Reports  you will have the opportunity to correctly assess your new and existing customers and to weigh up business risks and opportunities - nationally and internationally.

We will accompany you through the entire business process - from acquisition to new and existing customer management, right through to processing. With our wide range of up-to-date information, we will enable you to gain a decisive edge in knowledge in all important areas. Whether it is credit information, general company data, analyses, external payment experiences or monitoring - we have the optimal solution for every need.


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Check the solvability of your clients

We will answer the question of how solvent a company is in the form of our information products - compleate companie credit reports.

Precise assessment: The Creditreform Solvency Index

Our Solvency Index enables a quick and direct assessment of the solvency- and thus the solvency of a customer or business partner. A wide range of information is evaluated for the calculation, which is weighted according to its relevance and combined to form a total value (in the form of a three-digit number). Based on the characteristics - these include industry risk, mode of payment, turnover, credit opinion, number of employees or order situation - we quantify the measure of the probability of a payment default. The credit index can have a value of 100 to 500 or 600. This corresponds to the spectrum between an excellent solvency and the cessation of payments. In this way you will receive a well-founded assessment of the requested company and can decide on further measures.

We are constantly developing the calculation method of the Solvency Index. Sophisticated mathematical-statistical analysis methods are used. Structural changes in the economic structure as well as probabilities of default in individual market segments are taken into consideration.

Data quality: information for your success

Without a sound basis, it’s not possible to decide which customer relationship is profitable in the long term and which is more risky. In order to support you optimally, we obtain our information from numerous sources and check the data daily for timeliness and quality. Our sources include: Public registers such as commercial register entries or debtor register entries. In addition, there are company sources, i.e. balance sheets and annual reports, payment experiences and written supplier inquiries. Our offer is rounded off by exclusive Creditreform sources, which contain data on balance sheet analyses, processing claims, our own customer payment experiences and collection procedures. The permanent and ongoing research of our experts on site also ensures the completeness of the database.

Advantages: what speaks for us?

  • Reliable credit assessment

  • Highest quality and timeliness of the data

  • Credit reports about international companies

  • Tailored solutions for your applications

  • Advice and personal contact

  • Security and data protection